Date of the event: 02. Jul / 2024


The international contemporary jewellery event JEWELLERY PARADE will take place from August 1 to 4 this year at the Jaunmoku Palace. This wil be the first time for Jaunmoku palace to host a contemporary art (or jewellery) exhibition. The purpose of the event is to highlight the dialogue between ancient traditions and what is emerging in contemporary jewelry art right now. The organizers of the event, the Latvian jewellery art association, the Art Academy of Latvia and the “TUKKU MAGI Collection” Foundation announce the program and participating artist list.


  • 1 August 17:00 Jewellery parade opening event at the Jaunmoku palace column hall;
  • 1 August artist presentations 18:00, Jaunmoku palace column hall, lecturers Marin Dominiczak (FR) and Cristina Filipe (PT);
  • 2 – 4 August 12.00 – 20.00 Jaunmoku palace column hall exhibiton space open for visitors;
  • 4 August 18:30 “In situ” final show by summer school students on the grounds of Jaunmoku Palace.

A five-day long international summer school “In Situ” will also take place during the event. It is organized by the Department of Metal Design of the Art Academy of Latvia, implementing the Erasmus+ Combined Intensive Program (BIP), which is a short, intensive curriculum that uses innovative teaching and learning methods and ways, including online collaboration. Students from universities in Lithuania, France and Spain will participate in the summer school. The virtual component of the educational program will be led by lecturers Alvis Misjuns (LV), Liesbet Bussche (NL/BE) and Cristina Filipe (PT), who together with Marine Dominiczak (FR) will also lead face-to-face workshops at Jaunmoku Palace.

Participating artists: Brune Boyer (FR), Cristina Filipe (PT), Florence Lehmann (FR), Jelizaveta Suska (LV/SE), Liesbet Bussche (NL/BE), Marine Dominiczak (FR), Regina Rupp (DE), Sophie Hannagarth (FR), Valdis Brože (LV).


Partners and supporters: State Culture Capital Foundation, Latvian jewellery art association, SIA „Jaunmoku pils”, Art Academy of Latvia, Fonds TUKKU MAGI Kolekcija, DŌS ADORNMENTS, 885, Zilver dzērienu darītava