Published: 20. Jul / 2021

Latvian Jewellery Art Association exhibition DIARY

July 3 to August 1, 2021, Valmiera Museum Exhibition Hall (Bruņinieku Street 3, Valmiera, Latvia) In French a diary is called journal intime, literally translated as the intimate newspaper. This distinguishes it from a newspaper intended for a wide range of readers. When writing a diary its author usually does not intend to show the…

Published: 08. Feb / 2021

Exhibition MARK by Latvian Jewellery Art Association

Latvian Jewellery Art Association was established two years ago with a view to bringing together professional artists active in the field. This exhibition, MARK, is the association’s second joint art project. Its authors come from the ranks of top-class masters with years of experience to their name as well as young creators freshly out of…

Published: 01. Feb / 2021


The first Latvian Jewellery Art Association exhibition “A PRIORI” will be on display from June 21 to July 28 this year, at Cēsis Exhibition House. The concepts a priori and a posteriori are philosophical terms used in philosophy to distinguish two types of knowledge. A priori knowledge is independent of experience. This was also the…