The fifth Latvian jewellery art association group exhibition “IMAGINE. Peace” is open from September 30 to October 30, 2022. The exposition is located in both locations: Agenskalna market pavilion (2nd floor, next to bar VEST) and Kalnciema quarter gallery.

The opening of the exhibition took place at Agenskalna market pavilion on September 29.

The exhibition mood is not political or aggressive. On the contrary, it provides a shelter for ones mind. It provides an opportunity to be safe, if only in ones imagination. Given the current context the word “peace”  is very pretentious and philosophical. Peace in the marketplace is a kind of paradox. Market and  trading is far from the understanding of the word “peace”. However, the market ensures the exchange of energy, there is movement and everyday life continues, which becomes the peace that one wishes for. “Imagine” is not only an invitation, but also a reference to John Lennon’s song, which is often considered as a kind of anthem for freedom.

The idea of ​​a group exhibition in Riga arose at the time when the restoration of Agenskalna market pavilion was completed. Since its foundation, Latvian jewellery art association has had exhibitions at Cēsu Exhibition Hall, Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Center, Valmiera Exhibition Hall and Kuldīga Artists’ Residence Gallery. Now was the time to show some jewellery art in Riga.

Participants: Aleksandra Federika Krastiņa, Andris Lauders, Anita Savicka, Anna Fanigina, Ginta Grūbe , Guntis Lauders, Ilze Egle, Jānis Brants, Maija Vītola – Zitmane, Māris Auniņš, Māris Šustiņš, Paula Treimane, Pēteris Ripa, Rasma Pušpure, Una Mikuda, Valdis Brože, Vladislavs Čistjakovs, Zane Vilka.

During the exhibition a charity campaign ROTA PRET ROTU (JEWELRY VS JEWELRY) takes place. The meaning of the title stands for two diferent meanings of the word “jewellery” in latvian. The correct translation would sound like “jewellery vs a company of soldiers”. Within the campain you can receive a peace of jewellery or object in return for a donation to the Ukrainian people. Information about the charity campaign can be found on the Latvian jewellery art association Facebook page.

Text: Ginta Grūbe