The first Latvian Jewellery Art Association exhibition “A PRIORI” will be on display from June 21 to July 28 this year, at Cēsis Exhibition House.

The concepts a priori and a posteriori are philosophical terms used in philosophy to distinguish two types of knowledge. A priori knowledge is independent of experience. This was also the starting point for the first Latvian Jewellery Art Association exhibition – the participants gathered, regardless of previous experience. Both experienced and well-known artists as well as young graduates join together and show completely new work.

Participants: Maris Aunins, Janis Brants, Valdis Broze, Vladislav Chistyakov, Anna Fanigina, Ginta Grube, Andris Lauders, Guntis Lauders, Una Mikuda, Rasma Puspure, Peter Ripa, Anita Savicka, Laura Selecka, Daria Svirel, Jelizaveta Suska, Maris Sustins, Paula Treimane, Zane Vilka, Janis Vilks, Maija Vitola-Zitmane.

Exhibition opening on June 20, 2019, at 18.00.