DIARY in Kuldīga

August 29 to October 10, 2021, Kuldīga Artists’ Residence gallery (Pils street 2, Kuldiga, Latvia)

In French a diary is called journal intime, literally translated as the intimate newspaper. This distinguishes it from a newspaper intended for a wide range of readers. When writing a diary its author usually does not intend to show the content to anyone. It is relevant only to the author at the time of creation. In the traditional understanding – the diary are notes to one self. The creator of the diary can be totally open to the subject; one can afford to appear different than in real life. Through the artist’s vision of the world, one can create the diary with material other than words on paper. An ideological diary includes more than only text. “Each jewellery piece created by an artist has the invisible / deliberately hidden information or energy that can materialize in different ways. In the creative process author cannot escape from the fact that the work reflects himself, his personality and experiences, ” says jewellery artist Zane Vilka.

In the exhibition DIARY, jewellery artists will offer the viewer pages of their diaries. The subject of the diary is jewellery created especially for this project, through which one can search for the truth, feel a sense of community and find new interpretations.

The project was created with the support of the State Culture Capital Fund program “KulturELPA”.

Text: Ginta Grūbe

Photos: Kaspars Braķis