Date of the event: 18. May / 2024


Although gallery PUTTI  has closed, this spring jewelry lovers had the opportunity to look back at all past exhibitions captured in a book. From May 17 to June 15, 2024, the gallery once again opened its doors to visitors and offered an ambitious exhibition of contemporary jewelry. “In connection with the publication of the book “JEWELRY IS NOT JEWELRY”, which summarizes the history of the gallery and contemporary and conceptual jewelry over a period of 20 years, art gallery PUTTI organizes the closing international exhibition, “IS ANYONE HERE?” The unifying elements of the exhibition are NATURE and POINT OF VIEW,” as stated at the gallery’s website.

For several years, the gallery has worked with artists from Latvian Jewellery Art Association. Many of the artists can be found on the pages of the book. Brothers Andris and Guntis Lauderi, Maija Vītola–Zitmane and Valdis Brože jewellery was also present at the exhibition.