Date of the event: 02. Dec / 2022

Jelizaveta Suska received Sten A Olssons grant for cultural research

Good news! This year, Jelizaveta Suska, a member of Latvian Jewellery Art Association has received the Sten A Olssons grant for cultural research. The grant is given to artists and contributors to culture in Gothenburg, where Jelizaveta is living from 2013. In connection to the grant, her jewellery will be shown in Gothenburg Museum of Art starting 3rd of December.

Motivation: “Jelizaveta Suska uses stone, plastic material, gold and amber to shape evocative jewellery. In objects that may remind of meteorites or archaeological finds, rugged surfaces enclose memories and secrets. Unpretentious in terms of format, the jewellery surprises by its way of creating dramatic imagery and associations. A rare, outward tension arises in the tightly concentrated works. Like a modern alchemist, the artist coaxes something valuable and fantastic out of the unexpected material combinations. For an artistry that rings with poetic perspective shifts that lets us see the big in the small, Jelizaveta Suska is awarded a grant in the amount of 300 000 Swedish kronas for 2022 from the Sten A Olssons Foundation for cultural research.” Jelizaveta Suska: “I am very honoured to receive the grant and find my name between true icons of Swedish cultural scene. And I am more than thrilled to be presenting my work at the Museum.”