Date of the event: 23. Oct / 2022


Campaign “ROTA PRET ROTU” (in direct translation – jewellery for jewellery; “rota” in Latvian also meaning “an army unit”) is a charity campaign organized by the Latvian Jewellery Art association within the framework of the exhibition “IMAGINE. Peace”. The purpose of the campaign is to collect donations for the support of Ukraine by offering to receive the work of  jewellery artist in exchange for a donation.

About the exhibition. The exhibition mood is not political or aggressive. On the contrary, it provides a shelter for ones mind. It provides an opportunity to be safe, if only in ones imagination. Given the current context the word “peace”  is very pretentious and philosophical. Peace in the marketplace is a kind of paradox. Market and  trading is far from the understanding of the word “peace”. A the exhibition some of the objects are offered in exchange for a donation.

How to make the donation? Choose one of the pieces from the gallery. The starting price can be found at the image, the donation must not be less than the given amount. Contact Latvian Jewellery Art association  by e-mail to find out if the piece is available. When you receive an affirmative answer, make a transfer to the account. After making the transfer, you will be able to receive the piece in exchange of a payment order from the bank. Shipping costs are covered by the new owner of the piece.

Text: Ginta Grube