Anna Fanigina

Anna Fanigina has graduated The University of Latvia with B.Sc degree in mathematics (1994) and Riga Applied Art College as a metal designer (2000). As a metal artist, Anna has participated in art exhibitions in Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Finland, Germany, Italy. With her brand VERBA, she has been taking part in international messes in France, Germany, Japan and The Netherlands.

Prizewinner of Latvian design contests, jewellery arts contest ‘’Fabergé’’ in Finland, Lahti, and ‘’Jewellery Olympus’’ in Russia, Saint Petersburg. As a part of Venice Design Week Anna received the special prize for continuation of antique traditions from the National Archaeological Museum of Adria and “Polo Museale del Veneto”.

Anna’s design works are in the permanent collection of the Museum of Decorative Arts and Design in Riga.

Words are the main source of inspiration to make jewellery, and each piece has an inscription in Latin or Ancient Greek. Aesthetics of Anna’s jewellery is based on transparency, ascetics and simplicity. “Verum, simplex sincerumque sit, id esse naturae hominis aptissimum” – all that is natural, simple, and truthful fits best the human nature (Cicero).”