Ilze Egle

In 2017, Ilze Egle graduated from the Art Academy of Latvia, Department of Metal Design Master’s Study Program in Jewelry Design. The artist has participated in various art projects such as Joya Jewelry Art Fair in Barcelona, several times in the Vilnius trade show ‘Amber Trip’- where in 2020 won a jury diploma, contemporary amber jewellery project “AMBER ROOM” – Lithuania, Klaipeda, etc. Joined the Jewelry Art Society in 2019.

Creating jewelry, the artist works with a variety of materials and diverse metalworking techniques. The jewelry is made not only in silver, but the author’s special interest has been attracted by the aluminum anodizing technique, which allows experimenting with the tinting of aluminum surfaces to obtain various color tones on the metal surface. It is the combination of these experiments and different materials that creates the author’s individual signature.