Pēteris Ripa

RIPA stands for jewellery creations by goldsmith and designer Peter Ripa.

Peter believes this world is a materialistic place in a sense that one can materialise any idea into a piece of art. Born 1974 in Riga. Started professional studies in 1989 in Applied Arts College of Riga, then continued in industrial design department in HFBK Hamburg. Gained amazing work experience at Hilde Leiss Gallery in Hamburg and Barbara Heinrich Studio in USA. In end of nineties returned to Latvia and spent ten years in advertising and party production before turning to jewellery making again.

RIPA jewels are inspired by beauty and simplicity of nature and ancient symbols creating a mix of clean forms and strong message. Brand philosophy is to single out a women with both unique and luxurious secret weapons that transform in statement accessories. Sputnik of Life / earrings with natural minerals, robust but ergonomic ice Rings and bold Dragon skin bracelet in Sterling Silver are RIPA classics we bring to Blickfang Stutgart 2019