Jānis Brants

Jānis Brants (1958) is an artist and art teacher. He finished Riga Secondary School of Applied Arts (1977), studyed design at T. Zaļkalns’ State Art Academy of the Latvian SSR (1983), then attended the Art Academy of Latvia under tutorship of Professor Juris Gagainis (MA 2003) and Riga Technical University (2004).
As a teacher he has taught several noted metal Latvian metal artists. Since 1985, he has worked as an educator creating and leading design-related programs and performing administrative duties in educational institutions. He is active in the Latvian Design Council.

While he was still studying in the late 1980s Jānis was enormously influenced by the art salon “Beate”, deciding to devote his life to jewelry design and intensive exhibiting work. He is attracted to metal art by the chance to create the result he desires result with his own hands.
Text: Iliana Veinberga